The Truth About Olaplex


If you’ve ever highlighted or permed your hair, you’ll want to read this!

Olaplex is a fairly new beauty product that’s allowed stylists to bring your hair from jet black to platinum blonde without your hair falling out. It works by strengthening your hair from the inside out without damaging the hair cuticles.

What and How?
While you can read more on their website, here’s a quick breakdown. It’s a three-step system where the first two steps take place here at the salon and then the third is a take-home product. Their main ingredient actively restores broken bonds (aka from hair color, blow-dryers, etc.) and reconnects them ionically and covalently. It’s especially useful for platinum blondes, because all of that lightening causes your hair’s bonds to break.

Can you try it?
Ask one of our stylists the next time you come in for a visit for more information, but chances are if you’ve been coloring your hair for awhile you already know about it! And don’t worry, it’s safe for all hair types.



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