3 Unexpected Things That Are Damaging Your Hair

In the winter especially we’re trying to do everything we can to keep our hair moisturized and healthy. Even if you are stepping up your hair care routine and not leaving the house with wet hair, they’re are probably a few unexpected things that are damaging your hair. Scroll through for 3 things you need to stop doing now!

1. Your Hands
Remember when your mother would tell you to stop playing with your hair? Well, it turns out she may have had some reason behind it. If you’re constantly twirling or tugging on your hair, it’s more likely that your hair will stretch out and cause breakage. Plus, each time you touch your hair, you’re adding the dirt and oil from your hands to your hair.

2. Sleeping With Wet Hair
Your hair strands are fragile and can break if you’re tossing and turning against your pillow. Our suggestion– rough dry it before bed or shower in the morning!

3. Not Conditioning
Did you know 53% of women don’t condition after shampooing. This can cause dry hair and breakage, especially if this continues over time. While we’re not saying you have to wash your hair everyday, we do suggest that when you shampooing, that you’re following it up with a conditioner like Living Proof’s Restore.


Looking for a few winter hair tips? Make an appointment with one of our talented stylists or call our front desk for assistance: (617) 951-0122.


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