Yes, Your Hair Can Hold a Curl!

We’ve all heard friends lament that their hair just can’t hold a curl. As stylists, we’re here to prove that wrong! With the right array of products, a few tips from our stylists, and the right styling tools, even the flattest hair can hold a curl. If you’re looking for some help in the curl department, check out our four stylist-approved curling tips below:

  1. Know your tools
    Today’s technology allows us to have top of the line options when it comes to curling irons, so no more blaming your falling curls on your styler. Digital styling tools are our favorite option because you can adjust the temperature depending on your hair type and you’ll know the rod is the same temperature throughout.
  2. Prep your curls
    We can’t stress the importance of using a heat protectant spray like Living Proof’s Restore Spray before using a heating tool. The last thing you want is to burn your hair!
  3. Don’t forget about clips
    Whenever our Creative Director, Eric Hauck, does a blowout where he wants to achieve lots of curls and volume, he’s sure to set his curls with clips. We suggest starting with clean, even sections and then wrapping each curls with a pin and securing it to the top of the head. Once you’re done styling, unpin the curls and you’ll be amazed at their bouncy structure.
  4. Know your barrel size
    Oftentimes, people aren’t using the right barrel size for the type of curl they desire. To help you get a better idea of which one to use, follow this handy chart:
  5. Don’t forget about the finish
    Set your hair with Living Proof’s Flex Shaping Hairspray and try not to touch your hair too much throughout the day. Constantly brushing or tugging on your curls will only cause them to flatten out.

    Cover Image Via Stylecaster

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