All About Hair Growth…

Hair is said to grow about 1/4in a month. Meaning your hair will grow to about 9.5-19 in long before it falls out (crazy, huh!). While there’s no magic answer to making your hair grow faster, here are a few tips to help speed up the process:

Keep a healthy hair diet
Foods rich in calcium and the amino acid cysteine all promote hair growth. Cysteine can be found in foods like poultry, eggs, red peppers, garlic, onions, brussels spouts, yogurt, oatmeal, and broccoli. You’ll also want to either take a biotin supplement or get it naturally from foods like from nuts, egg yolks, soybeans, and fish.

Get frequent trims

Although a haircut every six to eight weeks isn’t going to be a cure-all for hair growth, it will help to reduce split ends, which can cause breakage and stunt hairs’ growth.

Skip the heating tools
We get it, blow-drying and curling your hair can get addictive, but too much heat can really damage hair. Try and use heat tools less often, or if you do use them, prep hair with a heat protectant spray first.

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