How To Get Big, Easy Waves

Originally formulated for Living Proof’s The Strand.

WHY is it that the most effortless looking styles are actually the hardest? At least that’s the way we feel about waves. Either they’re too tight (hello, Bo Peep) or so loose they’re straight by lunchtime. Cue Victoria, stylist at Mitchell John Salon , and wave whisperer. We tapped her for her tips on easy, effortless waves you can do yourself.

Step 1: Anytime you apply heat to your hair, use protection! Here, we prepped with Restore Instant Protection spray.


Step 2: Starting at the back of the head, section the hair with your fingers or a rattail comb.


Step 3: Take subsections and curl by wrapping the hair around the 1-inch barrel, making sure to leave out the clamp. The barrel should be parallel to the hair. We like to leave out the ends for a more modern look. After a few seconds, let the hair go, give it a little tug, then DON’T TOUCH IT until it’s cool.


Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 throughout the rest of the head.


Step 5: Once the curls have cooled, take large sections throughout the head and spray the Dry Volume Blast to enhance texture. The amount you use will be dependent on the texture and volume you to want to achieve. Then brush your fingers through your waves to break them up a bit, and you’re good to go! Not 100% effortless, but pretty darn close.




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