Will Plucking a Grey Hair Make 3 More Grow in Its Place?

Have you ever heard a friend say that they’re afraid of plucking a newfound grey hair in fear that 3 more will grow in its place? Samantha’s character on Sex and the City swore by this myth and was known for saying that if you pluck a grey hair “three more will come to its funeral.” But the real question here is: is there any truth to this saying?

As stylists we hear this all the time, but fear not as this is merely just an old wives tale. What you do to one hair follicle does not affect neighboring follicles. Nevertheless, plucking out any hair is not advisable because it can destroy the follicle and after repeated trauma can lead to bald patches. If you’re worried about your grey hair, consult a stylist who can discuss your different coloring options with you.




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