Does Rinsing Your Hair in Cold Water Make it Shinier?

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying– rinsing your hair in cold water will make it shinier. We all have friends who swear by cold showers and boast that their shiny locks are a direct result of those ice cold showers. So today we’re here to bring some truth to the myth, does rinsing your hair in cool water actually make a difference?

We picked Stylist Jason Burke’s brain to get his expert advice:
He explained, cold water will make your hair cuticles close and lie flat, which will in turn make it more light-reflective. It will also seal in the conditioner you just applied to your hair, locking in the moisture and making it less prone to frizz. When hair is contracted from the cold water, it is stronger and easier to brush through. When the cuticles are open they’re like velcro, texture on texture, so they’re harder to brush.

Another tip Jason suggests is to finish your blow dry with a blast of cold air because it sets the style and leaves the hair shiny. So next time you’re styling your hair, finish with a blast of cool air from the hair dryer to set your style.

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