4 Tips for Men’s Hair Care

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We asked our expert stylists to share a few men’s hair care tips that you can easily adopt into your own hair care routine.

1. Check your shampoo + conditioner
Most supermarket brand shampoos and conditioners are laden with harsh chemicals known as sulfates. These chemicals can irritate your scalp and rid your hair of the natural oils that it needs. Instead of the store brands, switch to Living Proof’s PHD Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your hair cleaner longer and improve the overall quality of your locks.

2. Shampoo less
Most stylists suggest that you only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. That doesn’t mean skipping the shower all together, it just means that you should be wetting your hair in the shower instead of shampooing it. In between you can utilize Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo to rid your hair of sweat and oil.

3. What about styling products?
Our favorite men’s styling product is Living Proof’s Amp2. It adds volume, texture, and hold to your hair. To style, rub a pea sized amount into your hands and then muse your hair and shape into your preferred style.

4. Start with a great haircut
Every great style starts with a great haircut. Consult your stylist for a haircut that best suits your style.


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