Why You Need a Heat Protector Spray

When you’re styling your hair often times the last thing you think about is protecting your hair before you style it. Whether you’re blowing out your hair, curling it, or straightening it, a protector spray is just as important as the hair spray you finish with. Our Stylist Courtney Troy always phrases it, “would you touch your curling iron with your bare hands?” Well then, you shouldn’t touch your bare hair with hot styling tools.

Our favorite product for heat protection is Living Proof’s Blowout. Not only does it lock in the style, but it also provides heat protection up to 450°.

To use:
1. Section hair and mist section by section
2. Blow out to activate, using a round brush to shape and set your style.
3. Curl or style as needed.
4. Spray on finished styles for extra hold. It can also be used on second-day hair to touch up your look.

The take away…
Not using a heat protector spray will dry out your hair and put your strands at risk of breakage. The spray works to form a protective barrier over the cuticle on the hair strand, preventing heat damage. Unless you’re air drying your hair every day without styling tools, you’ll want to invest in Blowout to protect your locks.


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