4 Tips For Surviving Winter Breakage

The bitter cold, wind, and dry indoor heat that we face each winter can really ravage hair. From dry hair to breakage, there are a number of challenges hair faces in the cold months. To combat these cold weather elements we’ve narrowed down a few key things you can do to keep your hair healthy all season long.

1. Get frequent trims
Trimming your hair and removing the split ends is the only way to prevent further damage to other parts of the broken hair shaft. Our stylists recommend getting a trim every 6 weeks.

2. Make sure hair is completely dry before going outside
The constant change from the cold weather outside to the dry air inside leaves your hair dry and vulnerable to breakage. Furthermore, if you leave your house with wet hair, your hair can actually freeze. To prevent this, make sure you hit your hair with a blow-dryer before you leave your house in the morning.

3. Cover up with a hat and scarf
Cotton and wool can cause split ends and breakage, so consider covering up with a silk scarf or silk or satin lined hat. This will help prevent friction and will leave hair frizz free.

4. Use a conditioning mask
Just like you need extra moisture on your skin in the winter, your hair needs extra hydration as well. Consider a deep conditioning treatment like Living Proof’s Restore Mask to give your hair the nourishment it’s craving.


Cover Image via Stylecaster



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