Assistant Interview: Victoria Vitale

Here at Mitchell John Salon we take great pride in our Education Program, and each quarter we are going to highlight a different assistant in this program. This week it’s Victoria Vitale’s turn, as she’s our Lead Assistant in the program.

When did you realize you wanted to be a stylist?
I went to a Vocational High School where I took cosmetology as a trade, and it’s there that I realized that this was something I wanted to pursue. Starting so young definitely gave me the upper hand because I was able to fine-tune the craft over my 4 years of schooling.

What drew you to Mitchell John Salon?
I was really impressed with the assistant program as well as the editorial experience that many of the stylists had.

Can you tell us more about the assistant program here…
The program length varies by how quickly the assistants move through the program, but it’s usually around a year, year and a half. Our Creative Director Eric Hauck and Our Color Expert Meghan Forman are the leaders of it. You start out with basic color theory, complete blow-drys with Eric, and then move on to layered haircuts, bobs, short hair, and mens’ cuts. With Meghan, every few weeks you start a new color technique. I love the program because you’re constantly progressing to something new.

When you become a stylist, what do you want to focus on?
I want to focus on cutting and styling. My ultimate goal is to get into editorial work. That’s why I love having Eric as a role model at the salon. He’s a great mentor because he knows so much about the industry.

What inspires you the most?
The look that interests me the most is the Mod look. I love Mid ’60s hair and makeup because it evolved from such a prim and proper time. In the future I would love to recreate this look.

What do you love about your job?
As an assistant you get to observe everyone. You learn little things from every different stylist.

What is you favorite Living Proof product?
My favorite would have to be Nightcap. It’s so lightweight and you can use it as a detangler and conditioner.

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