A Guide To Tape In Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to add extra length and fullness to your hair, you might want to consider tape in hair extensions as they are a great way to add volume without damaging the hair. A lot of times clients are worried that you won’t be able to care for your hair as normal, but with the tape in extensions, you will still be able to wash and style your hair as usual as well as being able to style it in a high ponytail or bun. In addition, the extensions grow out with your hair, so in two months you will need to make an appointment to remove the extensions and move them up your head.

To give you an idea of just how they work, here’s a recent extension service by stylist Kim Morrione on Stylist Jahna St. John. If you’re considering tape in extensions, make an appointment with one of our expert stylists at 671.951.0122.

Step 1
Before the extensions are put in. 

Step 2.jpg
Step 1: Prepare the hair.

Step 3 copy
Step 2: The extensions are taped horizontally in sections starting from the bottom up. 

Step 6
Step 3: The extensions are cut and blended to your natural hair.

Step 5
Step 4: The extensions are blended seamlessly into the hair creating long, luxurious locks.

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