10 Hair Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

While every girl’s hair care knowledge is different, there are some simple hair tips that even the most basic hair enthusiast should know. This week we’ve narrowed down ten tried and true hair care tips to start your New Year off on the right foot with endless good hair days.

1. We’ve already toted the benefits of our favorite Dry Shampoo product, Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo, but while you might be tempted to spray it on in the morning before you leave the house, it’s actually more beneficial to use it before you go to bed. The shampoo will set overnight leaving your hair clean in the morning.

2. It’s natural to want to rub your hair with a towel, instead, lightly pat moisture out of wet hair to prevent frizz.

3. To prevent hair color from fading in the summer months, use a conditioning treatment ever week or every 2 weeks.

4. Use a clarifying shampoo once per week to cancel out any product build-up that happened during the week.

5. Sleep in a silk headscarf to maintain your style and prevent frizz.

6. For perfectly slicked back hair, use a hair serum like Living Proof’s Sating Hair Serum to achieve the look.

7. For greasy hair you may want to condition from your ear down to your ends to avoid over-conditioning the roots.

8. As most stylists will tell you, trim your ends every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy.

9. Get quick volume by using Living Proof’s Blowout on dry hair and re-blow dry or use a curling iron.

10. After using a hair conditioning mask like Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment, follow with a cold water rinse to lock the conditioner in your strands.


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