How To Extend Your Blowout

There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh blowout. When you leave your salon, your hair is sleek, bouncy, and styled to perfection. Now wouldn’t it be great if your hair could look like that all the time?
We pooled our stylists’ hair care knowledge and came out with 4 easy tips to help you extend the life of your blowout, so your hair can look salon-worthy all week long.

Beauty Sleep

It’s pretty hard to get your beauty sleep in when you’re worried about ruining your beloved blowout. One tip to help prevent fizz is switching your cotton pillowcase to a satin one. This will help prevent tangles and matted hair.

Now for styling your hair before bed: while you might be tempted to toss your hair into a messy bun and call it a night, twist your hair into two loose buns on top of your head and secure with a fabric scrunchie (an elastic scrunchie will only create marks in your hair).

The first day after your blowout, spray Living Proof’s Hold Flexible Hairspray on a paddle brush and flip your hair upside down, lightly brushing the roots.
The next few days, opt for Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo on your roots to alleviate excess oil and give you extra volume. When using, apply the Dry Shampoo to the crown of your head and lightly tousle with your fingers.

When showering, use a thick shower cap with an elastic bottom (even better if it’s lined in terry cloth) to protect your hair against the water.

On day 4 and on, running a flatiron through your hair for a few seconds will help you to smooth out flyaways and the crimps in your hair. Continue using Dry Shampoo to get rid of oil, and if you’re looking for a little volume, spritz your hair with Living Proof’s Instant Texture Mist and tousle to perfection.

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