Long Hair Envy? Hair Extensions 101

Image via Elle

It’s easy to have long hair envy when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson look flawless with their long, beautiful locks. Heard of the saying, “beauty hurts”? Well it may hurt your wallet a little, however the results are definitely worth it!

Hair extensions can drastically change your look and are a great option if you are craving a new one. Hair extensions are a investment in time and money. So, if you are considering longer locks, it’s important to research which extensions are best for you

Here are some must-know tips about applying extensions from our stylists at MJ’S

• Invest in high-quality virgin human hair. It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it because they’ll last longer and look natural

• Hair extensions can be cut and colored, if they’re not the correct length or don’t match your desired color. Your colorist can definitely blend them in with your actual hair

• Unless you are using clip-in hair extensions, leave the application and removal process to the professionals or you may risk damaging the extensions or worst, your hair

• Extensions can be a great alternative while you are growing out your hair. Just make sure to maintain them well

• Keep the length reasonably long. You are trying to trick the eye, so the layers should blend in

Let’s do a recap!
If you’re looking to get beautiful long hair NOW and you don’t want to wait, find real human hair that blends in with your natural hair color. Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair, extensions are a great compromise until then. Always consult with an expert before deciding which hair extensions to choose. It’s a big decision!

If you are interested in hair extensions, and are in the Boston area, come in for a consultation with one of our specialized stylists! Call us at 617.951.0122 or email our receptionists at frontdesk@mjsalon.com to schedule an appointment.


Cover Image via Elle Magazine c/o Elizabeth Griffin

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