An Interview With Stylist and Creative Director Eric Hauck: What Goes Into a Haircut

Here at MJ Salon we know that a haircut is much more than just a flew snips with the scissors. There’s a lot that goes into it! To give you a little behind the scenes, we picked our Stylist Eric Hauck’s brain to hear his thoughts on his process…

#1. “The most important part is the consultation.”
“The first thing I do is gather as much information as possible before I start cutting.” It’s important to see what the client wants to get out of the haircut. “I also look out for things like their styling ability with their hair, their personal style, growth patterns (do they have a cowlick and want bangs), and take that information into account with their haircut.”

#2. “Using references as a common language is a great tool.”
“Images are an easy way to convey a specific look but also a feeling. Whether that’s old movies, actresses, actors, or even something less specific but conveys a mood like, the changing leaves.” I use these references not as a strict guideline, but as a quick way to convey a vibe that we both think would work.

#3. “It’s not about mimicking it but being inspired by it.”
When a client comes in with a photo for reference, it’s not about mimicking it, but being inspired by it and tailoring it to their style.
#4. “Deciding what you want to do is much harder than doing it.”
The technique is the easy part, finding the right style is the hard part!

Give us a call to book an appointment with Eric today (617) 951-0122.

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