3 Tips To Prevent Dry Hair This Winter

dry hair

Cold winter weather can cause your hair and skin to feel drier than usual. While your first thought might be to load on the conditioner, we’ve got 3 tips to help you combat dryness without using excess product.

1. Turn Down the Heat

Cold weather makes it near impossible to air dry your hair—if you’ve ever stepped outside on a freezing day with wet hair, you’ll know what we mean. If you find yourself blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair daily, you might want to consider either turning down the heating setting on your tools or taking a break from your blow dry and trying out a lower maintenance style every once and awhile.
If you are blowing your hair out, try Living Proof’s Blowout Cream, it’ll lock in your blowout and provide heat protection to prevent damage to your hair.

2. Don’t Overwash
Overwashing your hair is a sure fire way to dry it out. Instead of grabbing the shampoo every day, try a Conditioning Wash like the one from Living Proof, or shampooing your hair every other day.

3. Condition
Leave in conditioners are dry hairs’ best friend. Use Living Proof’s Leave-In Conditioner at night and let it soak in to damp hair. Remember less is more!

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